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 Wood Floors

DW Floor Polishing Singapore has extensive experience and knowledge in polishing wood floors to provide you with the best and most affordable floor polishing services.

Wood floors are very popular among many homeowners due to its very distinct appearance. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to properly care for wood floors. This is because wood cannot be cleaned like other surfaces such as marble and granite.

Without proper care, wood floors will deteriorate. A sign of wood floors deteriorating is when it starts to dull. One way to restore wood floors is to opt for wood polishing services. You will be able to achieve the desired shine with this service however it can be quite complicated.

If you are planning to restore your wood floors, our experienced technicians will get the job done efficiently with quality workmanship. We provide Parquet Polishing, Parquet Varnishing, Wood Polishing, and Wood Varnishing services.


Wood Floor Services

We provide professional parquet varnishing services. Parquet floors need to be cared for as it can become dull and scratched over time. Learn more about our parquet varnishing services.
Parquet Flooring can get damaged. In order to protect parquet floors, opt for out parquet floor polishing services to restore your floors. Learn more about our parquet polishing services.
Did you know that regular parquet floor polishing can help to restore your floor’s shine and give your flooring a protective layer? Learn more about our parquet floor polishing services.
Parquet flooring may require repair over time due to wear and tear or damage from water moisture, sun, extreme temperatures, and impact. Learn more about our parquet repair services.
Your parquet flooring can be damaged due to factors such as moisture, sun, extreme temperatures and more. Learn more about our parquet flooring repair services.
Wood floors need to be cared for by scheduling regular floor polishing as it can become dull and scratched over time. Learn more about our wood polishing service.
Did you know that regular maintenance for wood floors in order to maintain its shine and give it a protective layer? Learn more about our wood floor polishing service.
Wood Flooring can get damaged. In order to protect wood floors, opt for our wood varnishing services to restore your wooden floors. Learn more about our wood varnishing services.
Timber Decking is a versatile option if you want to have an aesthetically elegant space in your interiors or balcony. Learn more about our timber decking services.
Consider varnishing your doors as it helps to maintain the look of natural wood of your doors and provides a protective layer. Learn more about our Door Varnishing services.

Wood Polishing Process


Our professionals work meticulously during the sanding process to ensure a smooth and even surface.

Filling gaps ensure that your wood floors remain in good condition longer.

Wood needs to be stained to obtain the desired colour for your floor.

Varnishing provides an additional layer of protection so your floor remains in pristine condition longer.

One-stop Solution for Your Floor Polishing Needs

DW Floor Polishing Singapore has extensive experience and knowledge in Floor Polishing to provide you with the best and most affordable floor polishing services.

Hassle-free Point of Contact

Easily contact us via WhatsApp for your Floor Polishing needs. We will provide you with a direct quote after our customer support team has assessed the situation.

Knowledgeable Customer Support

Our trained Customer Support team will be able to assist you via WhatsApp. We will suggest the best solutions so that you will be able to make the most informed decisions.

Technicians with Extensive Experience

Our team of technicians is trained and has extensive experience in Floor Polishing. You can be sure to have efficient and satisfactory services when you engage us to polish your floors.

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DW Floor Polishing Singapore provides professional floor polishing services in Singapore which include Marble Floor Polishing and more. Feel free to read through our articles to learn more about floor polishing and its hacks. 

What Our Customers Say:

Fantastic service. I had the pleasure of having Das help me with my marble floor polishing. Previously, I had scuffs and scratches and plenty of unremovable stains on the flooring, but after polishing, the marble floor is so clean it is like a mirror! (Photo as attached, the reflection of the sky can be seen!) Das is professional, friendly and skilled. He has also given me advice on how to maintain my floor to keep it shiny and lustrous! Thank you Das! Highly recommend him to anyone else looking to do marble polishing!
Kevin Yu
Kevin Yu
08:45 11 May 23
Very awesome work by DW Floor Polishing Singapore. The team has given my dull looking marble flooring a brand new life! The whole house now looks so good just like a brand new unit (look at that shine and reflections on the attached photo).Would like to thank the customer service team Ms. Lee for always being so responsive on WhatsApp and not forgetting the backend team who does the actual polishing work. Das knows his job well and we can safely leave the whole house in his good hands. Definitely a good choice for me to select DW Floor Polishing Singapore for marble polishing.
Audrey Tey
Audrey Tey
02:59 26 Apr 23
We hired DW floor Polishing on searching on the different companies. Found them to be most reasonable as we're also only polishing our living and dining area, so we decided on them. When Das( the technician) came over, he assured us that our marble will be as new. Both my daughter and I were quite skepital. After the living room was done, we was surprised as our living room's marble looks even better than we first moved to this flat 21 years ago!
CliffSue Nonis
CliffSue Nonis
06:35 26 Nov 22
Fantastic service!Manager + 1 migrant worker came to polish our floor. Helped to move simple light furniture.Cleaned up all the grime on the floor and turned it shiny shiny. Looks like brand new floor.Cost is very economical. Will definitely share with my family and friends who need marble floor polishing.Well done and all the best!
Terence Sim
Terence Sim
01:39 14 Oct 22
I came across a post of theirs online and decided to call them so they could polish and varnish my floor. As a result of their excellent work, my floor looks good as new. I should also like to mention that the workers were so attentive and made sure that no spot was left unpolished. Great work!
William Eng
William Eng
09:04 30 Oct 21
Their services were wonderful and the prices charged were so reasonable! I want to express my most sincere thanks to both the customer support team and the workers for ensuring that my parquet was polished well. I will definitely engage them again if ever circumstances call for it.
Wendy Lim
Wendy Lim
17:44 23 Oct 21
I was really impressed with the way this company rendered their services! All the employees were extremely nice and tried their very best to accomodate our very many requests. When the time came to polish our floors, the workers performed the services we needed very speedily and finished everything in less than two hours. I really recommend them!
Theeradon Nakpradith
Theeradon Nakpradith
04:09 16 Sep 21
The floors of our home deteriorated so rapidly that we even wanted to have them overhauled completely. But due to time constraints, we thought we would have somebody polish them instead. After booking an appointment with this company, somebody came after a few days and examined what needed to be done. Although I expected them to do as mediocre a job as previous workers had done, they actually managed to make our parquet floors look beautiful again! I'm just so glad that I didn't decide to take the costly route of having them replaced. We really ar in awe of their work and intend to call them again if circumstances all for it.
Kamut Yuvaves
Kamut Yuvaves
11:18 15 Sep 21
I actually didn't know much about this company. So you can imagine how nervous I was when I decided to avail of their services. When the workers came, I didn't expect them to do much. But in fact they did! They were able to complete the floor polishing work in a very professional manner and did an excellent job in getting my floors cleaned up. Just so you know, they even did some extra work without charging us extra costs! Never have I experienced their level of service. As a result, I really recommend them to those in need of similar services!
Sandy Lee
Sandy Lee
02:26 12 Jun 21
I found this company online and asked if they could polish my marble floor. They were more than accomodating and arrived rather early. But what was more surprising was the fact that it didn't take long for them to complete their work. Now our floors look as good as new!
Susantyo Ting
Susantyo Ting
03:05 21 Apr 21

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wood floors are quite resilient with the proper maintenance. These floors can last for many years and wood polishing is recommended every 7 years. Though this duration may vary due to differing condition of each wooden floor. If you are unsure, contact a professional for an expert opinion.

  1. Avoid cleaning with excessive water
  2. Use furniture pads on large furniture as over time, it can damage your floors.
  3. Wipe up any spills immediately
  4. Clean with a dry mop, broom or vacuum

The exact number of times you can polish your wood floors depend on the thickness of the floorboards. Generally, wood floors can be polished up to 4 times before needing replacement.