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Wood Varnishing

DW Floor Polishing Singapore has extensive experience and knowledge varnishing wood floors to provide you with the best and affordable floor polishing services.

Wood Floors are common among homeowners. Its versatility makes it a popular option for many different types of homes. Additionally, it is also tough so it can last for long periods without needing replacement.

Over time however, it will slowly dull and lose its shine. Though this is not something to be worried about as it is very common and can be addressed relatively easily. In order to restore the shine in wooden floors, homeowners can opt for wood varnishing services.


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How Often Should I Varnish My Wood Floors?

Wood floors are a popular choice of flooring among many homeowners. This is because it requires much less maintenance as compared to other surfaces if the proper steps are taken. However, just like marble floors, wood floors are still susceptible to scratches and stains after a few years. To rid of such scratches and stains, many opt for wood varnishing services. Before that, a homeowner will need to know how often they should varnish their wood floors to avoid unnecessary cost.

Here are some considerations to decide if wood varnishing for their floors is required:


Floor Life


Varnished floors typically last for at least 7-10 years with proper maintenance. However, before opting for services such as wood polishing, homeowners need to be wary of the thickness of their wood flooring. Generally, wood flooring is approximately 1.9 cm thick and can be polished between four to six times. The thickness and life of their floors can serve as a guide for many homeowners how often to hire floor polishing services.



The frequency for every floor is different. The level of maintenance plays a huge role in whether wood varnishing services are required. Homeowners who maintain the varnish on their wood floors properly would not need as frequent wood varnishing services from a professional floor polishing service.


Other Considerations

Partial Damage


Sometimes, only certain areas are affected by heavy wear. Homeowners can opt for wood varnishing or polishing for those areas and if the floor polishing contractor agrees.


Water Damage

Wood floors especially are very prone to water damage. For areas close to water such as the bathroom or kitchen, any water that has splashed on the floor can cause significant damage if left unattended. In order to fix the damage, it is best to replace the damaged wood entirely. It is also recommended to avoid DIY floor polishing as it can damage the floor further.


Contact a Professional


If you are unsure, it is best to contact a floor polishing service provider. Though there are many guidelines, sometimes homeowners lack the experience and judgement to be able to make the right decision. This is because the frequency of floor polishing depends on various factors and it can be overwhelming.

These are some points that homeowners should take note of when deciding if they need to hire floor polishing services. However, in order to delay the stresses that come along with deciding when to hire such services, maintenance is a significant factor. Read on to find out the steps for proper wood floor maintenance.


How Do I Maintain the Varnish on My Wood Floors?

Services like wood polishing and wood varnishing can be quite costly. Many homeowners want to reduce this cost and the best way is to find out how one maintains the varnish on their wood floors. Proper maintenance would reduce the need for floor polishing services, and this can save many homeowners money.

Here are some useful tips on how to preserve the varnish, natural shine, and structural integrity of your wood floors.


Use Floor Shielding Pads


Heavy appliances and furniture placed directly on wood floors can cause scratches. Tables, sofas, and even refrigerators can easily scratch the wood surface and over time, it can leave significant damage. You would then need to hire services such as parquet polishing to restore the floors. Rubber, or soft cushioned floor shielding pads can lower the chances of such damage so that you will not need to hire floor polishing services as often.


Always Clean Floors Thoroughly

With a dry mop or broom, ensure that you take the time to properly clean the floors to remove dust and grit. Grit is a major cause of scratches and gradual damage to wood floors.


Trim the Nails of Your Pets Regularly


If you have a pet at home, their untrimmed nails increase the likelihood of scratches significantly. In order to avoid often varnishing of your wooden floors, ensure that the nails of your pets are trimmed to prevent unnecessary scratches.


Sponge Spills Immediately

Spills can cause significant damage to wood floors if not cleaned immediately. It is recommended to use a dry sponge, cloth, or mop to prevent the spill from spreading elsewhere. If left unattended for long periods, the water will soak the wood causing damage.


Vacuum Weekly


Vacuuming weekly can remove any dust that may not have been possible to clean with a broom or mop. On top of that, it can help to maintain the recommended humidity levels.


Sweep Daily

Sweeping daily can help prevent grit and dust from accumulating. This will reduce the chance of damage to your wood floors. However, the wood floors will still dull over time and you would likely need to hire professional floor polishing services.


These are some recommended steps to properly maintain your wood floors. Do note that even with proper maintenance, your wood floors will dull over time. In order to restore the shine in your wood floors, engage a professional floor polishing service provider to hire their services.



DW Floor Polishing Singapore provides the quickest solution for all your floor polishing needs. Our responsive customer service support team and experienced floor polishing technicians ensure that customers have the utmost pleasant experience engaging our services. We provide one-stop floor polishing services for marble and wood surface floors. On top of that, we also provide specialised services such as Wood Polishing, Wood Varnishing, Marble Polishing, Parquet Polishing and Parquet Varnishing. Do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp at +65 8241 0032 if you have any queries about your floors. Our professionals are more than happy to assist you as well as provide recommendations on the steps to take to resolve your floor polishing needs!