Should I DIY Floor Polishing Instead of Hiring a Professional?

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Many homes in Singapore have parquet, hardwood, or marble flooring. These are popular options as it enhances the appearance of any home. However, after a few years, the flooring will develop scratches and become dirty. Floors can also get stained by spilled liquids which makes the floors of homes look worse. Floor polishing can remove the scratches and stains from the floor restoring how they look. Therefore, many homeowners are curious whether it is more convenient to DIY marble polishing and wood polishing or hiring professional polishing services.


Some of the most important factors which should be considered before doing DIY floor polishing are as follows:



One of the main reasons why many homeowners think if they should polish their floor themselves is the cost involved. As floor polishing services tend to be a little more expensive than other home services, many think that it is better to DIY as they would be able to save some money. Though, floor polishing services such as parquet polishing and parquet varnishing tend to cost more, you can be sure that the job will be done well. Improper DIY floor polishing can be quite costly as you may have to replace your floor if it gets damaged.


Size Of The Floor


Another consideration for doing the floor polishing is the size of the floor which has to be polished. For example, the homeowner is living in a big house with marble floors, hence maintaining the marble floors after completing the marble polishing can be a tough task. If the space is small, DIY may be ideal because the homeowner has less to maintain. However, if the homeowner hired a professional from the beginning, he would be able to worry less about the maintenance because the steps that professionals take during marble polishing ensures the floors retain its shine for longer periods.




The process of floor polishing is a time-consuming process involving multiple steps. Most homeowners will use the sanding equipment they already have or rent the equipment from a local store. Using this equipment, floor polishing will take a long time, especially in larger homes. Most people in Singapore have a very busy schedule and only have time on weekends. If the homeowner plans to polish the floor on their own, they will have to do research on the proper techniques and the best equipment needed. They will also need to spend time to complete the floor polishing. This time will add up and the best way to save time from all these trouble is to engage with professional floor polishing services and let them do the wood polishing service.




Wood polishing process and marble polishing process is a tedious process for an average homeowner. On top of that, it is also a difficult task since most homeowners are not trained and do not have any experience in handling the tools. It is important to know how to use the sander properly with the right grit of sandpaper. Often DIY home polishers will sand the floor repeatedly, removing too much material leading to shorter life of the floor. It is also necessary to seal the floor properly after the floor polishing is complete. Since polishing the floor is a complex task, it should be ideally left to the experts.


Some of the reasons why professional floor polishing services should be hired are the following:


Well Equipped With The Right Tools 

One of the main advantages of hiring professional floor polishers is that they have the best sanding equipment and other tools required for floor polishing. In addition to completing the floor polishing work much faster, the equipment used will also help the professionals achieve a far better finish for the floor. However, you should also consider the things to look out for when choosing a floor polishing service to make sure that you will get level of the service you want. You can read articles and reviews about the provider before hiring them.




The professionals are experienced in floor polishing since they have polished floors for many residential and even commercial properties. After checking the type of flooring and its condition, they can quickly decide the proper steps to be taken for floor polishing. It is also important that you hire a licensed and experienced provider. These are just a few of the mistakes to avoid when hiring a floor polishing service provider.


Polishing Floors Efficiently In The Right Way 

Another major advantage of hiring professionals, is that they will use the right techniques for polishing the floor. This ensures that it will last for a longer time while also restoring how it looks. Experienced professionals will also be able to complete the job quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption. With their knowledge and experience, floor polishing service providers can also give you pieces of advice like how often you should hire floor polishing services and how to maintain the varnish on wood floors.



Although the idea of DIY floor polishing is tempting, it is still better to trust professional service providers. At DW Floor Polishing, we are equipped with the right tools and people for the job. We also guarantee to deliver the results that the customers are expecting. With experienced floor polishers, you can be sure to expect highly satisfactory work at affordable prices.


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