Should I Go For Parquet Polishing or Parquet Repair?

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In addition to enhancing the appearance of the room in which it has been installed, parquet flooring also increases the value of the property. Since family members and visitors are walking over the parquet flooring daily, it will become stained, discolored, and develop scratches after some time. While parquet polishing can restore the parquet flooring if it has lost its lustre, in some cases repairs may also be necessary. To find out whether parquet repair or parquet polishing services are required, a detailed comparison is provided below.


What Are Parquet Polishing and Parquet Repair?

Daily wear of the parquet floor removes the gloss and protective sealant. To restore the gloss, the parquet floor is polished. This is done by cleaning it and applying a new layer of polish. In some cases where there are stains or scratches, sanding may be necessary in the wood polishing process before applying the polish and this is called parquet repair.

If the parquet floor is not properly maintained, some portion of the floor may get splintered, develop holes, or get damaged. The floor also may get warped due to water damage and some parts may rot. The damaged sections are removed and replaced with new parquet to make the floor look like new in parquet repair.


Differences Between Parquet Polishing and Parquet Repair


Polishing is a comparatively simpler procedure for restoring the gloss to the parquet floor. If you’re wondering how long parquet polishing take, sanding the floor may be necessary in some cases to remove the stains and scratches before applying the gloss, and a protective coating. These additionally processes, depending on the damage of your parquet floor can make the procedure last longer. Parquet repairs have a more complex procedure, inspecting the floor for damage, and replacing the damaged floor with a new parquet floor.



The time taken for polishing depends on the condition and area of the floor, but in most cases, the polishing can be completed in a few days or less time. In contrast, since the parquet floor has to be inspected for damage and damaged sections removed, repairs will usually take far more time, often a few weeks or more depending on the extent of the damage to the floor. This is one of the reasons why regular parquet polishing is important, so professionals can inspect your floor often and recommend the necessary service. 



Are you wondering about how much it costs to do floor polishing in Singapore? The cost of any service depends to a large extent on the time taken, skills, and manpower required. Polishing can be done by staff who are not very skilled and can be completed in a few days or hours, so the cost is less. Parquet repairs take more time and skilled professionals are required, so the cost of repairs is usually far higher compared to polishing.


Should I Polish or Repair My Parquet Floors?


There are benefits to having a parquet repair done as well as deciding to hire professionals to perform parquet polishing. To decide which one to do for your parquet floor, it is advisable to inspect it carefully after moving all the furniture and other items kept on it. If there is less damage to the floor, it has only lost its gloss or shine, he should consider polishing the floor. Repairing the floor is recommended for homes where the parquet floor was installed, 5-6 years ago, and there are visible signs of damage like warping, splintering, rotting, or missing pieces.


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This article discusses the differences between parquet polishing and parquet repair, and helps readers decide which service is right for their parquet flooring. Parquet flooring can become stained, discolored, or scratched over time due to daily use, and polishing can restore the shine and protective sealant. Parquet repair, on the other hand, is necessary if the floor has suffered more severe damage, such as warping, rotting, or missing pieces. The article outlines the procedures, duration, and costs of both services, and recommends homeowners to inspect their parquet flooring carefully to determine which service is necessary. Additionally, homeowners in Singapore can consider hiring DW Floor Polishing Singapore for high-quality and affordable parquet polishing services.


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