Steps on How to DIY Parquet Polishing

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Like wooden floors, parquet floors are extremely durable and quite easy to maintain. As a matter of fact, you can polish them yourself without having to seek assistance from professionals. Once you learn the proper procedures on how to conduct DIY parquet polishing, you can easily ensure your floors remain pristine and durable. Keep in mind though that some modern parquet floors do not require polishing as they have already been pre-waxed using polyurethane. For most parquet floors however, it is essential to do regular parquet varnishing and polishing.

Polishing your parquet floors yourself means avoiding labor costs which can often be expensive considering that parquet floor polishing is a labor-intensive project. Furthermore, it is much less time-consuming. Below are some simple steps you should follow when polishing your parquet floors on your own.


Clear Out Your Space


As is the case with marble polishing, the first step in DIY parquet polishing is to remove all items in the room including carpets and furniture. Keeping the room well ventilated by opening windows is also recommended as it enhances the drying process. Additionally, it helps freshen the air by eliminating pungent smells produced by the wax applied.


Start Vacuuming Your Floors


Next, make sure to vacuum your floors thoroughly. Vacuuming helps get rid of any fluff and dust that can pile up on parquet and wood floors and cause allergies. You can use a mop to wipe off any signs of dust and spillages provided that it isn’t too wet. Otherwise, you could end up damaging your parquet flooring.


Clean Your Floors With A Solvent


After vacuuming your parquet floors, it is time to clean them with a solvent. Before doing so, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions to determine if the solvent is compatible with your flooring. If not, they could end up incurring heavy damage which a floor polishing service will have to repair.


Remove Any Spots or Stains


Many people have parquet or marble floors with dark stains or spots caused by dirt and accidental spills. To get rid of them, all you need to do is apply a vinegar solution which you should then wipe off with a clean piece of cloth followed by a soft cloth. In case you do not detect any stains or spots on your floors however, then applying a vinegar solution will not be necessary.


Apply Wax On Your Floors


At this stage, you can apply your water-based acrylic wax. Make sure to spread it evenly and cover the entire area just as you would when doing wood polishing. Note that the wax is made up of various ingredients that dry up to form a firm protective surface covering. This protective layer is what makes the floor waterproof. Normally, the applied wax is odorless and could take about one to three hours to permanently dry.


Polish Your Floors


By now, your wax should have dried permanently. All you need to do at this point is to get a clean piece of soft cloth to polish the entire area. Make sure to buff the area by applying hard stokes thoroughly. You can wrap this cloth around the base of a soft mop so you can make your parquet floors shine much more quickly.

It is highly recommended that you vacuum your parquet floors regularly after conducting DIY floor polishing so that they can maintain their appearance. You may also want to restrict people from wearing high-heeled shoes or bringing pointy-clawed pets to your home as these can easily cause scratches. Also avoid leaving mats at the doorway so that your floors do not collect dirt and dust.



Nowadays, parquet polishing can be done quickly since there are various polishing tools available. In case you lack the time to polish your parquet floors however, do not hesitate to call a reputable floor polishing service provider like DW Floor Polishing Singapore. We offer high-quality services and can provide you with quick solutions to your floor polishing needs.


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