Steps Professionals Take During Each Marble Polishing

Marble flooring has been used for many years worldwide because it enhances the appearance of the room where it is installed. However, one of the main disadvantages of using marble as flooring is that it is a natural stone therefore it is porous. This makes it rather prone to staining if spills are not cleaned up in a timely manner. Even with proper maintenance, marble floors will begin to look dull after a few years. However, marble polishing makes it possible to restore the marble flooring to its original condition. For floor polishing services, it is necessary to have suitable equipment like a sanding machine and diamond polishing pads. The user should also wear safety equipment like goggles, gloves, and face mask.

These are the steps professionals take during each marble polishing.


Cleaning the Dust

The first step in polishing marble floor is sweeping it with a broom to remove all the dust, so that the marble surface will be exposed.


Protect the Surrounding Area


One of the steps that professionals take before they begin any marble polishing project is to protect the surrounding areas especially surfaces that are more prone to damage. They also make sure that all surfaces are covered with it.


Peel Off Wax and Adhesive

Floor polishing service providers make sure that any wax or adhesive used on the surface of the marble is removed with the use of solvents. This exposes the marble and enables the professionals to polish the marble floors.


Cleaning With Water

For effective sanding, professional floor polishing service cover the marble surface with cold, clean water.


Sanding the Marble Surface


Just like wood polishing, marble polishing requires sanding. For sanding the marble surface, professionals use the coarsest sandpaper to sand the marble floor and remove any residue or adhesive that remains. While using a coarse grit, the sander is kept away from the wall to prevent damage. The sander is moved across the flooring a few times to remove any visible spots. The floor should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and mopped after the sanding. After this, the sandpaper should be changed to a lesser coarse grade, and the sanding process should be repeated. This process should be repeated till the marble floor is shining. For finishing touches, marble plaster is applied to the sandpaper before sanding the floor again to make a more polished surface.


Clean Dust off Surface


After the sanding of the marble floors is complete, the surface is thoroughly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or dust mop to remove any residue.


Polish with Polishing Pads

To make the polish floors look brand-new, a clean microfiber pad is attached to the sanding machine, and polishing powder is applied to the marble surface, this can be compared to wood varnishing for wooden flooring. It is advisable to start the polishing on smaller areas until they shine. When the marble polishing is complete, all the debris are removed, and a dust mop is used to remove the dust. This process can also be repeated by the homeowner to maintain the marble floors after completing the marble polishing.



If home owners have the time and money to invest in a sanding machine and other supplies, they can also try DIY floor polishing. However, most people in Singapore have a very busy professional life, so they prefer to outsource the marble polishing work to professionals who can complete the work quickly and efficiently. DW Floor polishing is one of the most reputed floor polishing companies in Singapore, providing polishing services for marble and other types of floors at extremely affordable rates.


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