Things You Should Do Before Performing DIY Marble Polishing

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Many people in Singapore have shiny and polished marble floors. However, these can eventually lose their shine and begin to look dull. There is no need to worry however as shineless marble floors can be easily restored through marble polishing.

While most people prefer hiring marble floor polishing professionals, some want to do the work on their own. If you consider yourself among them, you need to know that you cannot start the job right away. There are certain things that need to be done first before you can start marble polishing, and we are about to share them with you right now.

Dust Your Marble Floors


Before you begin the marble polishing process, you need to dry mop your marble floor first to get rid of any dust, dirt, or sand. Although this is an easy step, many people disregard it and end up not getting the results they want.

Conduct Initial Cleaning


After you have dusted your marble floor, prepare a commercial marble cleaner and a damp mop. Alternatively, you can combine water, baking soda, and soap in a large bucket and mix them together.

Dip a soft cloth in the solution and clean your marble floor in sections. (Always remember to use a damp cloth and not a wet one). Then using a soft towel, dry the area that you have cleaned before you move on to the next section.

Apply Poultice

If there are signs of discoloration on your marble floors, it is likely the result of accidental spillages. In that case, be sure to treat them immediately before you begin the marble polishing process.

When treating the marble floor you intend to polish, you can use commercial marble stain removers which are also known as poultice. You can also make your own poultice by combining one tablespoon of ammonia into a half cup of hydrogen peroxide and then add enough soda to produce a creamy texture.

Once your poultice is ready, apply it over the stained areas using a clean paintbrush and then cover the area with plastic wrap. After 12 – 24 hours, remove the wrap and allow it to fully dry. The next thing to do is to scrape the poultice using a razor blade whilst making sure not to scrape the floor surface itself. Thereafter, get rid of any residue using a damp cloth and start wiping your marble floor.

Purchase The Right Materials


There are certain materials that you will need to purchase before you can start polishing your marble floors. If you do not pick the right polishing solutions and equipment, you will only end up causing damage to your floors which might warrant expensive repairs. Thus, you need to be very careful.

Only choose cleaning solutions that have been specially made to clean and polish the kind of marble floor you have. If it seems confusing for you, you can hire a professional floor polishing service like DW Floor Polishing Singapore and get the marble polishing task efficiently done. Each of our experts has years of experience and will know how to polish your floors the right way.

Buy A Good Sealer


It is important to invest in a good quality sealant before you start polishing your marble floors. Once you seal your polished marble floor with a good penetrating sealant, you will be able to prevent water absorption.

Although it will not completely prevent stains, a good sealant will help your marble floors withstand any major stains and even improve their shine. As such, make sure to seal your marble floors at least twice a year before conducting DIY floor polishing.

Consider A Professional


If you are considering DIY marble polishing, keep in mind that you will never get the kind of results that professionals can produce. Our professionals at DW Floor Polishing Singapore have gone through meticulous training to perform every floor polishing task assigned to them with perfection. Their knowledge and experience will ensure you have the best results for your marble floors. We also use premium materials and equipment to make sure that your marble floor will not be damaged and that you are provided with the perfect shine and polished look that you desire.


If you decide to perform DIY marble floor polishing, do not expect to get the same results that a professional marble floor polishing service can offer. However, if you are really keen on doing the task on your own, there are a few steps that you need to follow before you can start polishing. In case you are still unsure on what procedures to follow, it is best to hire a floor polishing service provider from DW Floor Polishing Singapore. We have professionals who can help you polish your marble floor and ensure that you will receive the best results.

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