Things You Should Know About Parquet Polishing in Singapore

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Since parquet flooring improves home value, many property owners in Singapore are opting to install parquet in their houses. These homeowners are aware that parquet polishing can be used to restore the flooring if it loses its lustre to make it look new. Since many people are living in a home with parquet flooring for the first time, they would like to get more information about the parquet polishing services available, what are the benefits, so that they can plan the parquet polishing accordingly. 


What Is Parquet Polishing? 


Marble and parquet polishing involves polishing the floor using a polish and applying a protective layer. In case the floor is more than five years old, sanding may be necessary to remove the stained top layer with scratches. If some part of the floor is damaged, or splintered or the wood is rotting, the parquet floor will have to be refinished replacing the damaged section of the floor.


What Does Parquet Polishing Involve? 

The scope of work for parquet polishing varies depending on the condition of the floor. If the floor is new and well maintained, only cleaning and polishing applying a new polish layer is sufficient. If the floor has been used for 5-6 years, sanding to remove the top layer is required to remove the scratches and stains, in addition to polishing. Older floors may also require refinishing by replacing the damaged parquet sections with new parquet flooring. To ensure that your parquet floor will look shiny and clean at all times, you might want to know the benefits of regularly engaging parquet polishing services


Why Should You Do Parquet Polishing For Your Home? 


Polishing the parquet floor can increase the durability of the floor significantly since damaged sections are replaced and a new protective layer is applied.

Remove Stains

Often the floor gets stained due to spills and dirt especially if there are children in the house. During polishing due to cleaning and sanding the stains are usually removed.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Statistical data indicates that it is easier to sell homes with wooden floors, and doing floor polishing properly increases the home value.



Often due to grime, dirt, scratches, and stains, the original design of the parquet which made it very attractive is not visible. During polishing the floor is cleaned properly to remove the dirt, and it is polished to restore the design improving the aesthetics.

Check For Moisture


If the floor is properly sealed using a varnish, it will not absorb water spilled and not get warped. The protective coating for the floor can be checked by pouring a spoonful of water on the floor. If the water is absorbed, it indicates that the coating is absent, and polishing is required.


How To Prepare For Parquet Polishing? 

To prepare for wood polishing process, first, all the furniture from the room should be shifted to another room. The children and pets also should be moved away. The room should be cleaned thoroughly to remove all the dust.


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The article discusses the importance of parquet polishing in Singapore to restore the lustre and durability of the flooring. Parquet polishing involves cleaning, sanding, and applying a protective layer to the floor, and it can help remove stains, improve aesthetics, and increase the value of the home. The scope of work for parquet polishing varies depending on the condition of the floor, and older floors may require refinishing. To prepare for the process, the room should be cleared of furniture and thoroughly cleaned. Generally, we recommend engaging DW Floor Polishing Singapore for quality parquet polishing services. With our history of projects across Singapore, our team of professionals can guarantee that your parquet floor will be good as new. 


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