What Products Should I Use For DIY Marble Polishing

Marble is one of the most appreciated materials due to its outstanding finish and attractive appearance. However, we must always maintain the marble’s shine. It is also important to know how to properly polish your marble floor to keep its shine and smoothness.

Do you know how to clean marble floors by hand? If not, keep reading this article. We are going to share everything on what products should you use for DIY marble polishing:


Marble Polishing Cleaners to Avoid


Keep in mind that marbles with carvings are quite porous and prone to stains. Polished marble floors do not usually show stains as much although it is very prone to engraving and scratching. We at DW, Floor Polishing Singapore, avoid the following polishing cleaners:

Brand name chemical cleaners

Chemicals are often harsh to natural stone surfaces as they can scratch and tend to dull marble surfaces. That is why we encourage our users to not use grout, tub, and tile bathroom cleaners to clean marble even if they claim to be gentle on all types of surfaces as they can damage your marble floors.

Acidic cleaners

Lemon juice and vinegar are commonly good cleaning agents for marble floor polishing as they are natural disinfectants. However, they are only used for synthetic surfaces.

Acidity is a threat to stone materials. Therefore, we recommend our customers to avoid cleaning marble with high acidity cleaning solutions such as orange or ammonia. They carry the risk of etching or dulling the marble. The acidity can cause the marble to:

  • Look tattered
  • Lose its glossiness
  • Stain and have etch marks on its surface

It is also vital to protect your marble from acidic substances such as acidic fruit juice, wine, and milk. Contact us for excellent marble polishing services.

Alkaline-based cleaners

Although alkaline-based cleaners are appropriate for cleaning dirt on marble surfaces, it is true that this type of cleaner can also cause damage to your marble floors. At DW Floor Polishing Singapore, we prohibit using these cleaners. We know what cleaning solutions to use, and our marble floor polishing services are faster and more professional.


What Is Marble Polishing Powder?


Marble cleaning powders is the second step in a marble polishing process. Thus, it is not a single solution to issues such as stains, etching, or scratches on marble floors. Marble polishing powder is an alternative to the marble cleaning procedure. This powder helps in bringing back the lost shine and providing a wet and shiny look in the application area.

Normally, we use this type of powder on marble, limestone, and travertine surfaces. Keep in mind that a single application of this powder depends on the condition of the marble surface, and may not be enough to get the desired shine.


Benefits of Using Marble Polishing Powder


This procedure is effortless not only in polishing marble surfaces (it works as well for travertine and limestone surfaces), but also glass, and jewelry.

  • The polishing powder is a fast-acting, budget-friendly, and easily adds shine to marble surfaces if you have a limited budget.
  • Oftentimes, a single application is more than enough to get the desired shine (unless you have a broken marble floor).
  • The powder is very effective, creating a glossy finish, just like polished marble tiles.
  • If you use this powder, you can attain a smooth surface.

When using this powder, you must wear protective gloves and masks to avoid inhaling the powder and avoid using water as well. This powder has tin oxide which will hardly dissolve if you add water.

Remember these warnings about tin oxide as it can cause:

  • Irritation to your eyes, skin, and mucous membranes.
  • If you inhale tin oxide, you may end up having lung problems.


How to Apply Marble Polishing Powder


Keep in mind that applying marble cleaning powder requires keeping the marble surfaces clean and shiny at all times. Marble cleaning powder should be part of this routine:

  1. The first thing in DIY marble floor polishing is to get rid of the unwanted dirt or spots from the area where you will apply the polishing powder. If you use it without removing the stains or dust, you will make them noticeable.
  2. You can use this product to polish marble, travertine, limestone, jewelry, and glass surfaces. It is preferred to use the wet method as most stones act better to this product when wet.
  3. All you need to do is drizzle a small amount of powder on dull areas only and then spray it with water to create a paste-like consistency. Just make sure to use enough water in a manner that it will not be too runny or thick.
  4. Next, use a cloth or preferably cotton, and apply the powder to the area in circular motions. When it is done, simply dry the area. Easy right?
  5. It is also possible to add a polishing pad, although we think that it will not be necessary (unless the surfaces are badly damaged) as this powder will provide shine to your marble floors.
  6. You may need a second application, depending on the dullness. Although if you regularly clean your marble surfaces, you will not need another application.



It is important to know which products to use when you perform a DIY marble floor polishing as well as the proper cleaning procedure. It is best to use a marble polishing powder to achieve the polished look of your marble floors for it can prevent stains or scratches. Marble powders also work on travertine and limestone surfaces, glass materials, and jewelry.

Our company, DW Floor Polishing Singapore, can suggest the best brands of polishing powders for your marble floors, and we can also give marble polishing tips to get the desired shine that you want.


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