When Should I Hire Professional Floor Polishing Services?

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A polished and spotless marble floor is beautiful. However, no matter how stunning a marble surface may appear, it may soon lose its luster. Hiring marble polishing services will be required to restore its shine.

You may be curious to know how you can tell when it is already time to polish your marble floors. There are, in fact, particular indicators you should watch out for, such as the following:


Damaged Floor Parts


Lippage is the term specialists use to describe the issue that causes marble tiles to be misaligned and frequently results in cracked or broken marble tiles. It is feasible to flatten the tiles by honing them if the lippage appears to be minimal. The flooring will need to be grouted in order to bring back its level if the lippage is greater than 1 mm. Grinding is one of the methods of marble floor polishing that professionals do to remove the scratches. It is best to engage a professional to polish marble after this method. 


Faded Polish

You might be interested to know how long your polished marble floors last. This is because your marble flooring may eventually start to lose its gloss, brightness, and luster. However, if this occurs, you should not worry because the marble floor can be polished to restore their attractiveness.

You can maintain the shiny appearance of your marble floor if you decide to hire a professional floor polishing service. A fact about marble floor polishing services is that they can even restore the original gloss of your floors. Additionally, professional floor polishing services provide better results than performing DIY polishing. For this reason, DW Floor Polishing Singapore and other marble polishing companies are commonly employed by Singaporeans. You can get fast and effective floor polishing services from any of our specialists at DW Floor Polishing Singapore because they all have years of expertise. We also have the necessary equipment, premium polishers, and sealants that are often unavailable in typical home appliance stores.


Accumulated Dirty Floor Grout

Your marble flooring occasionally might have grout that has to be cleaned. Using too much water and a filthy mop are typical examples of poor cleaning techniques that lead to this. Just keep in mind that using such techniques would just push dirt deeper into the grout lines, resulting in buildup that could be challenging to remove.

You will have to engage a specialist if the grout around your marble floors is unclean. There are a lot of steps professionals take during the marble polishing process to ensure that your marble floor will be spotless. At DW Floor Polishing Singapore, we make use of specialized marble cleaning solutions that are inaccessible in regular retail outlets. In addition, we employ the best equipment to completely remove any grout traces. For your marble floors to regain their luster and polished appearance, we will also apply a grout sealant throughout this process.


Floor Spots and Stains


There is often a good chance that the marble floors in your kitchen, dining room, or bathroom will get stains. Unfortunately, a lot of these spillage include chemicals that can severely damage your marble floors.

The most common solution for this problem is baking soda. Keep in mind  that even though baking soda can get rid of spills, it cannot get rid of long-lasting stains. Stains are also a sign that you require marble polishing. In this case, you might need to contact floor polishing services in that instance for assistance.


Eroded Floors


A marble floor will erode if it is frequently exposed to moisture. This frequently happens on marble floors in bathrooms and other places where water frequently leaks. Calcium carbonate, a mineral that is soluble in water, is the main component of marble. In light of this, water can simply degrade floors built of this substance. Ultimately, the polish of the floor can be removed. 

A professional marble floor polishing service would need to be engaged if you see any degradation on your marble floors. If you want the best results, keep in mind that DIY marble floor polishing may not be effective in this situation. The best course of action is to contract the work to a floor polishing company like DW Floor Polishing Singapore. Your marble floors may be carefully maintained by having us provide you with frequent floor polishing services.


Engage DW Floor Polishing For Quality Marble Floor Polishing Services

You might want to engage a reliable floor polishing service provider, such as DW Floor Polishing Singapore, to address your floor polishing needs at home. You should be able to know how to choose the best marble polishing service for your floor to ensure getting the highest quality of service. This will help you solve any concerns your floor has without causing more damage to it. DW Floor Polishing Singapore has gotten many positive reviews from our previous clients, so we can guarantee you excellent results.  



Marble flooring may eventually lose their shiny appearance.  Luckily, it is easy to determine when your floor requires professional floor polishing service. By observing damages, polish loss, stains, and erosion, among other indications, you will be able to know when it is a good time to engage a professional marble polishing service. Contact DW Floor Polishing Singapore immediately if you want the best floor polishing professionals to effectively fulfill your floor polishing needs. 


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