Which Should I Use For DIY Parquet Floor Polishing: Oil Based Varnish vs Water Based Varnish

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Parquet varnishing is a common method of protecting expensive flooring from scratches, stains, and other types of damage, particularly water damage. This involves applying a protective coating or varnish onto the parquet floor to provide an extra layer of protection. Since people walk on the parquet floor daily and due to friction with footwear, furniture, and other items, this protective coating will wear off, increasing the possibility of flooring damage. Therefore, many families are interested in the different methods of DIY parquet floor polishing to restore the shine and protective coating for the floor. For parquet floor polishing, the person doing the polishing can choose between an oil-based varnish and a water-based varnish. Hence, the properties of these finishes are compared so that the user can select the right varnish for their home.





Though the cost of water-based varnishes is significantly higher than oil-based varnishes, users should be aware that water-based varnishes are less durable. To give you an idea of how much parquet floor polishing costs, it’s important to note that there are different types of water-based varnishes available, with one component of water-based varnishes being more expensive compared to varnishes that are oil-based. Two-component water-based varnishes are even more expensive compared to one-component varnishes. If water-based varnishes are used, the cost will be higher, and they will have to be applied more often. To save money, you may explore resources on how to maintain varnish on wood floors.


Time Taken For Drying 



Usually, multiple layers of varnish are applied to the floor for better protection, and a varnish layer is applied only after the previously applied layer has dried completely. Oil-based varnishes take at least 12 hours to dry, so a gap of one day is required before applying the next coating. Therefore, completing the polishing will take a few days. Since water-based varnish is thinner, it will dry quickly often within 4-6 hours. The floor polishing can be completed within two days for water-based finishes, making it the preferred option if the polishing has to be done quickly. Furthermore, maintenance requires owners to be responsible for knowing how often should they varnish their wood floors.



When it comes to choosing the right varnish for parquet varnishing, there are a few factors to consider. Oil-based varnishes will give the floor an amber tint which will darken over time. While it is preferred for some types of parquet, the decision will depend on the homeowner’s choice. Usually, oil varnishes are not preferred for grey, white, or other lighter parquet, or if the natural finish of the parquet is preferred. In comparison, the water-based varnishes are clear when they harden so the natural color of the wood will be visible.





While it is commonly known that floor polishing can leave behind a strong and lingering odor, some people may not view it as harmful. This is why there are numerous reasons why you should not perform DIY parquet floor polishing. The oil-based varnishes have a strong smell and contain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC) which cause health problems. Hence, it is necessary to wear relevant safety gear like respirators while applying the varnish. Pets and children should be asked to vacate the house while applying the oil-based varnish. In contrast, the levels of VOC in water-based varnishes are far lower, they do not have a strong smell, so it is safer to use them. 



The thickness of the protective coating will depend to a large extent on the number of layers that are applied and the type of varnish which is used. Each layer of oil-based varnish is thicker, but it is also softer so it will get dented quickly if furniture or anything hard is moved on it. In comparison, the thickness of a layer of water-based varnish is lower and the coating is also harder for better protection against dents, though it is more likely to get scratches. Oil-based varnishes are preferred for rooms with more traffic while water-based varnishes are recommended if the furniture is moved frequently. Usually, two layers of oil-based varnish or three layers of water-based finish should be applied, but if there are large pets who will scratch the floor, three layers of oil-based finish should be applied. Periodically, it is important to consider the signs that you may require parquet varnishing and to understand the benefits of regular parquet varnishing.


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Floor polishing on your own is time-consuming and messy and there is a possibility of making an expensive mistake causing damage that is difficult to fix. Hence, it is advisable to hire reputed businesses like DW Floor Polishing Singapore which offer parquet floor polishing services at reasonable rates. Our professional staff is experienced and skilled. After inspecting the floor carefully to check its condition, they will apply the right type of varnish for the floor and polish it properly, saving the customer time and effort.



Parquet floor polishing is an important process to maintain the quality of your flooring. When choosing between oil-based and water-based varnishes for DIY polishing, it’s important to consider the durability, drying time, color, smell, and thickness of the protective coating. While oil-based varnishes are preferred for high-traffic areas and certain types of parquet, water-based varnishes are a safer and quicker option for DIY polishing. However, DIY floor polishing can be time-consuming and messy, so it’s advisable to hire professional services from reputable businesses like DW Floor Polishing Singapore. Their experienced staff will inspect your floor and apply the right type of varnish to restore the shine and protective coating, saving you time and effort.


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