Why Crystallization Is Not Recommended For Marble Polishing

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There are several methods of marble polishing which people can choose from. These include grinding with diamond abrasives, buffing using polishing compounds and powders, applying barrier coatings, and crystallization. Although you can choose any of these methods for your marble floors, crystallization is not advisable. Crystallization has some disadvantages in which we will share with you. Before we even start, let us get to know what crystallization is.

What Is Crystallization?


Crystallization, also known as vitrification, is a procedure that requires the usage of a steel wool pad together with an acid solution and a heavy-duty floor polisher for marble polishing.

The components in crystallization chemicals include aluminum fluorosilicate, zinc fluorosilicate, magnesium fluorosilicate, acid, and water. Some crystallization solutions used for floor polishing also contain waxes.

Let us take magnesium fluorosilicate as an example, as most chemicals contain a combination of fluorosilicates. The reaction will be the same no matter what fluorosilicate is used.

Magnesium salts used during the crystallization method will stay on the surface of the marble floor until removed by cleaning the surface. The calcium fluorosilicate bonds to the underlying stone, and this is the layer that you will walk on.

Your marble floor is now chemically changed and it will stay like that. The new surface of your floor is not simply a coating, it is still part of the marble itself. If you want to get rid of the crystallized layer, the only way to do so is through diamond honing.


Disadvantages of Crystallization


Since crystallization uses wax, it quickly loses its shine. Then, you will be left with no choice but to repeat the entire process. The glossy finish will initially fade quite fast. Therefore, you need to hire a floor polishing service provider again and get the procedure repeated.




Many people in Singapore have noticed that after the crystallization process is done, their marble floor has turned a little orange-red. The reason behind this discoloration is the usage of steel wool pads that leaves the iron behind, which gradually rusts within the stone.


Cracks And Spalling


This method results in a hardened finish wherein the stone starts drying and cracking until it becomes a broken marble floor.




The scratches that your marble floor had before the crystallization process are very noticeable. The only difference now is that they are shiny. These scratches will still accumulate dirt and dust.


Negative Health Effects

If you have chosen crystallization, then make sure to request your marble floor polishing service provider to give you the material safety data sheet (MSDS) as this will help you know about the chemical crystallization that is being used. Generally, chemicals that are used are not suitable indoors and it can result in eye irritations, skin rashes, and respiratory issues.

You do not want to get yourself and your loved ones exposed to these problems. Although you need not worry as this does not mean you cannot get your marble floors polished at all. To have the best results, the only option is the traditional marble floor polishing method.


Why Traditional Marble Polishing Is Better


The traditional marble polishing process has been used for a long time to produce perfectly polished marble floors. Today, as we use modern technology, this process is economical, time-saving, and simple. This method will make your marble floor look attractive without causing any harm.

In this traditional process of marble floor polishing, the surface of the floor is scraped to get rid of any damage and achieve the desired shine. For this process, a polishing powder is applied on the marble floor with the help of a floor pad and a buffing machine. This process also requires the utmost patience and precision.

This method may look easy, but it is not. If you want perfect results, then it is ideal to hire a professional like DW Floor Polishing Singapore. We have the expertise and experience in completing marble floor polishing in many homes in Singapore. We also use the latest equipment, where our technicians will first have to go through meticulous training sessions to learn how to properly use them. This guarantees that if you choose us, you will always get perfect marble polishing results.



If you want a long-lasting shine to your marble floors, then crystallization is not the best option to choose from. This marble polishing method involves certain chemicals, and it can only shine on your floors temporarily. To get perfect marble polishing results, it is ideal to follow the traditional marble polishing. The traditional process will scrape all the damages that your floor has acquired, and it will restore the polished look of your marble floor.

Do you want to bring back the original shine of your marble floor? Just simply call DW Floor Polishing Singapore. Our experienced professionals can ensure that your marble floors will have a lasting shine. Contact us to find out more about our floor polishing services.


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