Why Should I Have Professional Parquet Polishing Performed?

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Like marble flooring, parquet flooring has a very attractive look. Hence, you will find it installed in many homes in Singapore. Even if parquet or wood floors look gorgeous initially, they will begin to lose their beauty and appear dull with time. Unfortunately, many people ignore the initial fading, dullness, and scratches that they notice on their parquet floors. As a result, they are eventually left with no choice but to get their flooring replaced.

If you act on time and opt for parquet floor polishing, then you will have nothing to worry about at all. Regular parquet polishing helps maintain your floors so that they can look beautiful and remain strong for a very long time. Keep in mind though it is not a good idea to perform wood polishing or parquet polishing on your own. This will never offer you the kind of results that you want and its effects are unlikely to last for a long time. Instead, you should opt for professional parquet floor polishing. To know why professional parquet polishing is more recommended, take note of the following:

Parquet Floors Cannot Be Mopped


You may have heard that parquet or wood floors can be cleaned using a mop and a diluted cleaner. For some people, this perception causes them to believe that cleaning wood floors using a wet mop will yield good results. To the contrary, water and wood are natural enemies.

If you have already made the mistake of cleaning your parquet floors using a wet mop, then the beautiful shine of your floor may have already been lost thereby making it look dull and unattractive. In order to get back their lost shine and beauty, seek help from professional floor polishing services. If you try to do parquet floor polishing on your own, you will only end up getting average results. Hence, get your parquet floor professionally polished to make it look as good as new once more.

Parquet Floors Cannot Simply Be Vacuumed


Certain vacuums have been created to work effectively on hard surfaces. For those who do not like sweeping, this may appear as a perfect option. If you have parquet or wood flooring installed in your home however, then never make the mistake of vacuuming your floor. If you do this, the beater bar of your vacuum can cause scratches to be created.

If you have already vacuumed your parquet floor and created scratches, then you will need the help of a floor polishing service provider. They are experts in the field and have polished floors in many homes in Singapore. They can also complete their work effectively and with perfection. Once their job is complete your parquet floor will become shiny and get a new lease of life and will shine no matter how badly scratched it was.

An Oil-based Cleaner Is Not Sufficient


Oil-based cleaners can be used on some wooden furniture. However, when it comes to parquet floors, these not only clean the wood but also the finish applied to them. Moreover, it will create buildup that can be difficult to remove later on.

To get a polished look, do not use an oil-based cleaner. Instead, hire floor polishing services and let them complete the polishing task to perfection. Professionals know which solution and methods will be most suitable to polish your floor, and thus you can always be sure of the best outcome.

Vinegar And Water Are Not Ideal

Distilled white vinegar can certainly help you clean many things in your home. However, they are not fit for parquet floors. Since vinegar is acidic in nature, it can burn into the floor’s finish which can eventually make it look dull.

In such a situation, only a floor polishing service can help you. With the expertise that they have, they will easily be able to undo any damage caused on your floors so that they can look beautiful once more.

Parquet Floors Need Professional Cleaning Solutions


Many people think that they can use just about any cleaner for parquet or wood polishing. When it comes to parquet floors however, things are different. If you use an ammonia-based cleaner, it can harm the color of the floors. Oil-based cleaners, on the other hand, can create a milky residue and cause discoloration.

It will not be wise to polish or varnish your parquet floors yourself as they are an expensive investment and need professional care. Instead, hire floor polishing services to clean and polish your floors to perfection. They use the best parquet floor polish and equipment available to offer you the exact type of results that you need for your floors.


Parquet floors are known to be very attractive. At the same time, they can also be very prone to damage. What this means is that you cannot just use any methods that you want in cleaning and polishing your parquet floors. These include mopping, vacuuming, applying oil-based cleaners, as well as using vinegar and water. Instead, you should hire a professional floor polishing service like DW Floor Polishing Singapore. We are the best in the field and we are always available for you to reach. Contact us and you won’t regret anything because quality service is guaranteed!

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