Different Methods of Marble Floor Polishing in Singapore

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No matter how flawless a marble floor looks like at present, it will lose its glossiness and shine after quite some time if not properly maintained. Fortunately, you can restore your floor’s appearance by having professional marble polishing performed.

Like wood polishing, there are a number of methods of marble floor polishing which are popular in Singapore. We have listed them for you so you can decide which method is the best for your marble floors.

Grinding with Diamond Abrasives


Diamond polishing is a natural process of polishing marble floors and other natural stone floors. It replenishes and restores the original marble finish and texture as well as removes light scratches and small marks.

If you choose this process, finer grit diamonds will be polished over your floor. The higher the diamond sands, the deeper and higher the polish will be. This process requires much patience and time to complete. Thus, it is not advisable to perform it yourself. Instead, it is best to hire a floor polishing service provider like DW Floor Polishing Singapore to conduct it for you.



Coating, also known as waxing, is another marble polishing method in which semi-liquid polish, acrylics, urethane, or other kinds of polymers is used to create an artificial shine.

During coating, the chosen polish is spread on the surface of the marble floor through the use of a sprayer, floor roller or a mop. Some of the polish will need to be polished while the rest do not. This method will help you attain the kind of shine you desire and is usually completed with the use of a high-speed machine called a floor burnisher. This usually consists of hog hair pads to restore floors that have been severely scratched or scuffed.

Polishing Powders


Aluminum grains are often used in this marble polishing method. However, it is possible to apply tin oxide powder as well. The chosen powder or grain is carefully buffed or rubbed on the surface of the marble floor.

This method of marble floor polishing normally involves the adding of oxalate or oxalic acid to create a reaction similar to that produced during crystallization. The powder is then sprinkled on the surface of the floor and then mixed with water to create a slurry or paste. A weight floor machine is then used to buff the floor after which it is fitted with a polishing pad.

Polishing powders removes the top layer of the marble floors so that the shiny part is revealed. It is similar to diamond polishing only the powder used is finer. However, since it usually takes several days to be finished, it is highly recommended to let a professional conduct it for you.



In this method, the fluorosilicate is sprayed on the floor surface. Afterward, it is buffed with the use of steel wool pads to produce new glass crystals. A floor machine with a heavy drive plate is then used to produce the heat and friction required to shape and polish the crystals.

Crystallisation is best done by a hired professional especially considering it is a relatively inexpensive marble polishing process. It is not advisable to do it yourself as it can result in heavy damage to your marble floors. For the best results, we recommend calling DW Floor Polishing Singapore. Our team of professionals can check your marble floors and recommend the best polishing method for your marble floors.


Installing marble floors makes your home look more attractive. In order to maintain their appearance however, regular marble polishing is needed. The method of marble polishing which needs to be done depends on the specific type of marble floors you have. Some of these methods include grinding with diamond abrasives, coating, polishing powders, and crystallization. If you lack the experience to apply any of these methods yourself, do not hesitate to contact DW Floor Polishing Singapore. Our experienced professionals can render any floor polishing services you need.

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